Speed Camp
Three Reasons To Believe What I Say
Reason One:  In 1994 Coach Beauparlant was the first sports performance specialist to launch a summer program, Peak Performance, geared toward maximizing performance in the area of speed, quickness, and power development for the young. Peak Perfomance Speed Camp has been featured in the Boston Globe.

Reason Two:  Coach Beauparlant has worked with and consulted with strength and conditioning coaches from various colleges and professional sports teams including the Chicago Bears, Carolina Panthers, SF 49ers, and Boston University.

Reason Three:  At Peak Performance, over 1,000 youth level athletes have benefited from his cutting edge training system, producing numerous championships, achievements, and scholarships either at the high school or college level.

But don’t take my word for it, here are some quicker, faster athletes in their own words:

“Jason and his staff has helped me become a faster, stronger and explosive athlete. His knowledge and motivation has helped have a great high school career and has also helped me in my quest to play Div. 1 lacrosse. I know I will be prepared to play at the next level. I recommend this camp for any serious athlete that wants to be their best.”

Tim Langmaid
Former Governors Academy Standout in Football and Lacrosse
University of Delaware Lacrosse

“This is my 9th summer training with Peak. As tough as it is I always find myself coming back for more. Jason pushes us beyond our limits and forces us to be the best we can be. The physical payoff every summer is a reward in itself. I love having confidence going into the upcoming season. It’s reassuring knowing that he has gone to every possible limit to make us better athlete. I can honestly say that without his commitment to Peak Performance and to all of the athletes that I would not be playing Div. 1 college hockey.”

Erin Connors
Former Governor’s Academy 3 Sport Standout
Brown University Women’s Ice Hockey

“Before working out with Jason I was getting Div. 3 looks but couldn’t break the mold with the Div. 1 coaches. After only one year of working with him in both the weight room and in speed training I increased my size and speed and received multiple Div. 1 offers. The help that Jason gave me did not end there. After committing to Brown University to play lacrosse I found myself completely prepared for all of the workouts that I received from Brown and feel 100% confident that Jason has prepared me for anything that I will go through at the collegiate level.”

Joe Orloff
Former Governor’s Academy Standout
Brown University Lacrosse

“Peak Performance was instrumental in preparing me for the rigors of college football. From day one of training, I felt the improvement. The emphasis on stretching, technique, and form improved my athletic abilities dramatically in only the first few workouts. The training is smart, and the results are obvious. Coming into my freshman year of college, I had a visible edge over the other freshman I was competing against, both in testing and on the field, and I owe much of that to Jason Beauparlant and his staff. I look forward with great anticipation to the next four years of a higher level of training, ability, and competition.”

Tim Kiely
Former St. John’s Prep Standout
Williams College

“Peak Performance is the quintessential training tool for any athlete looking to take their game to the next level. A combination of the most up to date training methods along with a supportive and knowledgeable staff prepares you for a higher level of performance output. I’ve had the good fortune of working directly with Jason Beauparlant and his camp for the last 8 years. Words cannot express how Jason has elevated my speed, power, explosiveness, agility, and conditioning every year. As a Division 1 football player the competition and challenges are immense. Peak Performance has helped me to rise to meet those challenges and beyond. More importantly, Peak Performance has helped me to deliver the results.”

Jonathan Bugli
Offensive Tackle, Villanova University

“When I started the speed camp my freshman year I didn’t know how to run. After 4 years at the camp my body did a complete transformation. I was more explosive, my lateral movement improved drastically, and my stride and form were perfect. I went on to win the Sate Class “C” Championship in the 100M. I am proof that Peak Performance Camp can make an athlete quicker and faster. The work you put in is equivalent to the results you get.”

Tom Monaco
Former Triton Regional Standout in Football and Track

“I attended the Peak Performance camp every summer for the past 9 years.  It has definitely improved my game! In many sports, but specifically in field hockey, it is crucial to have speed, agility and quickness. With the combination of speed and strength training, a dedicated staff that is always there for advice and to push you to be the best, and the commitment and effort that you are willing to put into training, the Peak Performance camp will give you all the tools you need for a successful season.  I have been very successful and I have achieved a lot of goals that I set for myself throughout high school, and my collegiate years of playing field hockey.  I believe it was because I went into every season with a high level of confidence and I was in top physical shape from participating in the camp, allowing me to compete at the highest level.  I strongly recommend attending this camp for any athlete, male or female, who wants to improve their game and impress coaches during pre-season.”

Courtney Hill, UMass Lowell
1st Team All American & 1st Team All Conference
Captain 2005 Div. II National Field Hockey Champions

“This camp has made me in the best shape of my life. There is no way I could have achieved being 1st. team All League,All NE-1st team, MVP of Salem State Soccer, MVP of the ECAC Tournament, and soccer captain my junior year, without attending Peak Performance. I owe it all to this camp!”

Amy Verschoor
Captain, Salem State Women’s Soccer

“It has been nothing but a pleasure to have the chance to participate in this camp. Over the past 4 years I have received numerous athletic honors, including Boston Globe All Scholastic. I can truly say most, if not all of these honors are due to this camp. If you are a serious athlete and want to be your best, this camp is where to be.”

Josh Takis
Merrimac College Football Player
Former Bishop Fenwick Star

“Every year I have played football I have attended Peak Performance. All of the area athletes know it is the place to be if you want to be ready for your sport. Every year it has made me a better athlete. It has a great staff!”

Josh Marshall
Umass Dartmouth Football Player
Former Triton Regional standout

“For years I depended on the expertise provided by Jason and his staff to help prepare me mentally and physically for the demands of Division 1 College Football. For any athlete looking to become a stronger, faster player, look no further than Peak Performance Speed Camp.”

Brett Bashaw
Former University of New Hampshire Standout Linebacker

If you are trying to become stronger, faster & quicker,
Peak Performance Camp is the way!